The secret to successful cattle farming is top quality breeding stock!

High quality cattle farming is based on bulls with superior breeding qualities, suckler cows with good genetics, a balanced diet and good care. Whether you plan to start livestock breeding or if you already raise beef cattle, our breeding bulls are sure to interest you!

Get to know the breeding bulls of Vilsi Angus!

The best beef cattle calves descend from breeding bull Correct Answer

In 2015, we bought the embryo bull called Correct Answer from Rauhala breeding farm in Finland that had successfully produced excellent calves there. Correct Answer's father SAV Final Answer hails from Schaff Angus Valley - one of the the best farms in the US. In 2002-2012, SAV Final Answer was among the top 10 best-selling sperm donors in the US. There are more than 28,000 of his offspring in performance testing in the herd book in the US alone. Based on our experience in cattle farming, we can assure you that all of the good genetics have been passed on to the successive generations, as our beef cattle calves are simply magnificent. We sincerely believe that Correct Answer is the correct answer to the question: "How can we take livestock breeding to the next level?"

Correct Answer in summer 2016
CORRECT ANSWER (Click on the name to see pedigree).
FIN 102505432, March 17, 2010, a video of Correct Answer's father SAV Final Answer 0035.

Bull Marmorland Maverick is a highly regarded purebred bull

(click on the name to see pedigree) EE 16295018, February 26, 2014, Purebred bull Marmorland Maverick was bought from Aberdeen Top Genetics OÜ in 2015. In the same year, breeding bull Maverick won first prize in the Aberdeen Angus breed category in an exhibition of farm animals in Jäneda! Breeding bull Marmorland Maverick's father hails from Scotland's famous Wedderlie breeding farm. FATHER: WEDDERLIE BONHOMIE L450.  

Marmorland Maverick in summer 2016.