Aberdeen Angus purebred bull sales - bull calves with excellent performance for sale

We offer bull calves born in the early spring. Calves' father: Correct Answer. The 200-day conformation of the calves that are for sale are well above the average performance of animals in performance testing. Selling beef cattle with excellent breed characteristics and exporting high quality breeding material is our mission. To achieve our goal, we have brought high-end genetics of world's best pedigree cattle to Vilsi Angus breeding farm.

Beef cattle sales – advice for novice beef cattle farmers

When it comes to selling beef cattle and breeding stock, we at Vilsi Angus pedigree breeding farm aim for customer satisfaction. We wish to ensure that all of our customers are completely satisfied with their purchase of cattle or calves or investment in sperm.

Calf and bull sales

The purebred cattle sales can only be considered successful for us if our customer is completely satisfied. Therefore, we recommend anyone who considers buying beef cattle or genetics to base their beef cattle purchase process on the following principles:

1. Be fastidious when selecting beef cattle and ask for information about their health.

Consult your vet and when buying calves or breeding bulls, agree with the seller on which tests of the most common communicable beef cattle diseases should be conducted. This way you will avoid a situation where, along with a purchase of an expensive breeding animal, you also bring a potentially costly disease into your beef cattle.

2. Familiarize yourself thoroughly with the information on the calves you are interested in.

After picking out the interesting calves or breeding bulls, familiarize yourself with all of the available information on the calves and their pedigree. Look at photos of calves or cattle from birth, watch the video material and go through the beef cattle pedigree.

3. Visit the beef herd before making a purchasing decision.

Nothing can give the buyer more information about a calf than getting to know the calf and its herd. Take time to observe the animals of interest. We welcome all newbies and experienced beef cattle enthusiasts at our farm to meet our calves and cattle!

Please contact us for additional information about purebred cattle sales!